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We breath unknown lies everyday still seeking refuge in our own misgivings .

Are we lost or are we just ignorant, being so close to death still doesn’t deter us.

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The pain it inflicted was subtle , maybe it was meant to be cherished, I perished in the flames of self doubt, As I was left all alone in the darkness. Is the promise of Eternity that ephemeral, is it so fickle that it gets extinguished like the mere flame of a mirage. We allContinue reading “EPHEMERAL”


We are caught in the chaos of this dying world. Contemplating if any of us can fight these consequences. Stranded in an ocean of unforseen circumstances. The chaos of the mind is unhindered as we keep on wallowing in our own misery. Ignoring what the unprivileged are going through. Some say it is our dutyContinue reading “Chaos.”


Justify it, our lives our deceptions That why are we puppets of someone else, We exist as whole beings But somewhere we are dead inside. Grinded by our realities, Blinded by someone else’s faith. Justify why we run to join the chaos if the fake world, Why being so complete, We are still still brokenContinue reading “Justify.”

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